Wood is still one of the most widely used and versatile materials in the world. Its strength-to-weight ratio, insulative properties, low density and relatively low cost make wood an excellent material for countless applications.

Still, it does have its challenges. When using laminate materials, cabinet makers face the problem of chipping the top and bottom surface. Prone to tearout, splintering and splitting, wood requires the use of sharp, long-lasting tools.  Woodworking professionals have relied on RobbJack solid carbide tools for over 50 years.

Downshear Tools

CD8, WD1,WRD, and PMD Series Routers

Great for dados and shallow grooves in laminated or wood materials. The downshear puts downward force on the top edge of the material so it helps reduce chipping or poor finish on the top edge of your material. If you are experiencing flaking or problems on the top edge of your wood or laminated materials and need the cleanest edge the downshear tool will help. The downshear may pack debris in the bottom of the slot more than an upshear tool. So shallower slots, profile cuts, or taking multiple passes in deep slots is recommended to help with the chip evacuation. Downshear tools are also excellent for using on vacuum tables because they do not pull the material up but help push it down on the vacuum table. Also look at Herringbone or compression routers that have both up and downshear in one tool.

Upshear Routers and End Mills

WU1, C8, B, WTL, WRU, PM, SS and SR Miniatures

Great for the fastest cutting without the worry of packing debris in slots. The upshear can achieve faster feedrates and deeper cuts because it pulls the debris up and out of the cut. Most ball end routers used for shaping and contouring in woodworking are upshear. They will leave the best finish on the bottom of the part. The B-series ball end tools will be able to 3D cut your part to any multitude of desired shapes and produce the best finishes, rough and finish with the same tool. Miniature tools are used to cut the pockets and inlay materials like abalone, mother of pearl, shell, and exotic woods.

Straight Flute Routers

PCD and GTS Series

Available in carbide or PCD diamond. Straight flute tools neither pull up or push down on the material but have a neutral force on the material. PCD straight flutes are used in many applications but most of the time are used to cut abrasive materials especially laminated materials like melamine skinned particle or MDF materials. GTS carbide straight flutes tools are designed to plastic materials and leave the best frost-free finishes.

Herringbone / Compression tools

HB Series Router

Herringbone tools are a combination upshear and downshear tool in one. The downshear portion of the tool puts downward force on the top edge of the material and upward force on the bottom of the material leaving clean edges on the top and bottom of the part at the same time. In tests at a cabinet manufacturer cutting melamine material, we were able to achieve feedrates over 500 inches per minute without any chipping of the top and bottom edge of the part. Also look at PCD diamond tools for even longer life.

Diamond PCD tools

PCD routers, drills, and specials

Excellent tools in abrasive materials like particle board, MDF, melamine or other laminated materials. The PCD tools are available in ball end, drill point, or square ends. You can expect 10-25X tool life versus high end carbide tools. In tests for cabinet makers, we were able achieve perfect chip free finishes in melamine top and bottom surfaces at feedrates over 500 inches per minute. PCD Diamond routers, slitting saws, and drills are available to extend tool life, improve finishes, and eliminate the need for secondary operations.

Slitting saws

C-series, K-series

Available in carbide or PCD diamond. Ultra-precision slots can be achieved and produce many locking joints or straight slots. Slitting saws are used to cut the slots in fret boards in guitar making and many other woodworking applications. Use RobbJack’s precision NAB or AB arbors to achieve the best possible solution.


WRU, WRD Series Routers

Upshear and downshear roughers are used to quickly remove a lot of material and reduce the size of the debris. One advantage to the rougher tool is it leaves a surface that will improve strength in glued joints due to the extra surface area and enhanced bonding on the wavy surface with micro grooves.