Wouldn’t it be nice if resharpened tools performed as well as new? Let us regrind yours the way we do ours and it can happen. We will add our grinds and finishes to any tools, regardless of manufacturer. Our prices are competitive, our delivery is usually the best in the industry, and we do our own, in-house PVD coatings and re-coatings.

Go Green

Try RobbJack’s in-house carbide recycling program.

Many times the tools we receive for regrinding are too badly damaged to justify reconditioning. For all tools that we determine fall into this category, we will either:

  • Return the tools to you marked “No Work Done” (NWD) or…
  • Put the tools, as scrap, into our recycling program and send you a certificate for a 10% discount on your next regrinding order.

We will offer you this choice every time we receive tools that we determine are NWD. We recycle scrap tools to carbide re-manufacturers, who crush the tools and use the recycled shards and powder to make shredders or non-critical carbide grades.

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