Mirror Edge™

Our edge preparation dampens vibration to help eliminate chatter.


  • Deep pocket and thin wall aluminum
  • Long reaches more than 3:1 length-to-diameter ratio
  • Plunging corners in titanium, steels, stainless, aluminum, etc.
  • High end valves used with Feather Blend and T-Process
  • Must use coolant

Our patented Mirror Edge geometry helps to eliminate chatter. This geometry can be used in any application where chatter is a problem, usually for thin walls, valves, deep pockets or where the tool sticks out more than 3:1 length to diameter ratio.

To order RobbJack tools with Mirror Edge, use the existing Part Number, and add -ME.

Example: An A1-201-12 with Mirror Edge is Part Number: A1-201-12-ME

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