New carbide material and coating combination in DM/MDM tool series

RobbJack highlights new carbide material and coating combination in DM/MDM tool series

Longer tool life and wear reduction go on full display

April 1st, 2016

For Immediate Release

(LINCOLN, Calif.) – RobbJack’s continuing ability to advance the state of tool technology and get in front of consumer demands will be exhibited at the 2016 Amerimold show in Novi, MI.

RobbJack’s DM/MDM Die/Mold series uses revolutionary new carbide material and a new coating combination that lasts 450% longer than comparable carbides and coatings designed for hard metal applications, along with reducing wear by 909%.

Tests were conducted in D2 58 HRc, pitting comparable carbides and coatings against our new DM/MDM Die/Mold Carbide End Mills. The RobbJack DM/MDM series tool outperformed every test tool with a smooth wear land of only .0025”, which is 909% less wear.

Do you want a tool with excellent precision, dry cutting ability, reduced cycle times, tighter tolerances, and better finishes? Try our DM/MDM Die/Mold series today.

The DM/MDM Die/Mold series, plus the full RobbJack line, can be found in the RobbJack Applications Guide, available at Visitors can also use RobbJack’s innovative and easy-to-use tool finder to search for tool solutions by type, specification, characteristics, materials and applications at

About RobbJack

Established in 1959, RobbJack Corporation specializes in the engineering, manufacture and sale of solid carbide cutting tools, including a broad line of carbide end mills with the closest tolerances available for CNC milling equipment. RobbJack also manufactures solid carbide slitting saws and PCD diamond-tipped routers, and provides physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating services. For more information, visit, or to schedule a meeting, contact Mike MacArthur at