Reach and Feather Blend™

Modify any standard tool with a neck to get the job done quickly. A neck will increase rigidity, reduce tool deflection and last longer than a long length of cut tool. Necking can be added to most standard tools in 1–2 days.


  • Any necked tool
  • Eliminates swirl lines during plunging
  • Eliminate stress risers in parts

To order a RobbJack tool with a Reach, use the existing Part Number, and add -N and the desired length from the end of the tool.

A tool necked with Feather Blend is a reduction in the tool diameter after the cutting length so the tool can cut deeper than its cutting length. It features a smooth transition from the cutting diameter to the neck diameter. Feather Blend reduces staircase marks and stress risers in parts and helps to maintain the strongest tool possible.

Example: An A1-201-12 necked with 1.0″ Reach is Part Number:

A1-201-12-N 1.0″
See price sheet for pricing.

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