Tool Features

  1. Radial Rake controlled within +/-1° to ensure consistent tool performance
  2. Center cutting on every two flute, three and four flute end mills
  3. Web, cheek, ramp and helix angle ground to geometrically controlled tolerances to ensure faster chip flow
  4. Geometrically controlled ends, meet or exceed NAS specifications
  5. T.I.R. controlled to 1/3 industry standards to ensure equal flute wear
  6. O.D. tolerances of +.001”/-.000” on selected series, with primary relief angle super finished to 4 to 6 RMS on all end mills
  7. Weldon Shanks on selected series
  8. Overall length ground and corners chamfered on all shanks to prevent scoring of tool holders
  9. Tightest Shank Tolerances in the Industry
    • -.0001”/-.0002” as Standard
    • -.002/-.005 in Metric sizes