Thin Wall Techniques in Aluminum

Tips and Tricks for Thin Wall Machining:

  • Use short length of cut tools for minimum wall contact
  • Necked tools extend reach, but choose the most rigid
  • Climb mill
  • Leave 0.100″ of material on walls for stability when finishing
  • Finish the part at every Z-level

Tools for Thin Wall Aluminum Parts

  • Mirror Edge geometry tools dampen the cut to reduce chatter
    • Great for plunging corners in titanium, steels, stainless, aluminum, etc.
    • Deep pockets and thin walls in aluminum
    • Long reaches more than 3:1 length to diameter
  • Feather Blend tools have a smooth transition between cutting and neck diameters, which reduces “ledging”
    • May be added to any necked tool
    • Eliminates swirl lines during plunging
    • Eliminates stress risers in parts

FM Series End Mills

  • Features
    • High radial rake
    • More room for chips
    • Small chamfer to protect corner
    • Polished flutes
    • Mirror edge to reduce chatter
  • Applications
    • Recommended for profiling (New CAD/CAM)
    • Must use coolant
    • Aluminum
    • Copper
    • Brass